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    About Nirvana Dance – Dance Classes in Ft. Mill, SC

    At the core of Nirvana Dance lies the value “Lift As You Climb!” Through this value, we strive to create a safe, nurturing environment that allows our students to thrive creatively. As they grow and reach new heights, “Lift As You Climb!” helps them remember their fellow dancers and promote a community of encouragement that uplifts each dancer. At Nirvana Dance we are interested not only in developing a love for dance but promoting values that will serve our students throughout their lives.

    We Promote Family Values

    Through our age appropriate dance curriculum we strive to encourage our dancers to look at themselves with dignity and respect. Our dancers will never do dance competitions or pageants that tend to overexpose young dancers. We believe that young girls should be allowed to be “little girls”. We strive to provide a strong dance foundation! Our age appropriate choreography focuses on technical excellence and creativity paired with modest costumes.

    We bring a full cultural experience to our dancers by organizing outings to Broadway shows, workshops, and creating unique performance opportunities for our dancers!