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    Team Lift

    Team LIFT! is the Nirvana Dance performing company.
    The purpose of LIFT! is to provide the serious dancer with culture immersion. Members embody the “LIFT” in our motto Lift As You Climb! These dancers are expected to train harder than all other students at the studio. This teaches them the importance of the disciplines of hard work and dedication. Members have a mandatory class schedule, dance convention, and rehearsal schedule.
    Team LIFT! members have more opportunities to perform in the community. Team LIFT! recently performed at the Avon Walk for A Cure in Charlotte. Members are leaders at the studio, participating in apprenticeships as well as setting positive examples and helping fellow dancers. Through these service related activities they learn the importance of becoming a “servant leader”.
    Team LIFT! has full access to the Nirvana Dance mentorship program. There are over 300 career paths related to the dance field. Our mentorship program helps dancers explore these options to see if they would like to allow dance to be part of their professional lives in the future.

    Company Auditions September 7th!