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    Natasha D Curtis


    Natasha’s love for the art of dance began at the tender age of 2 when she took her first dance class in NYC. Over the years this love has grown into a passion that has fueled a teaching career that has allowed her to bring the joy of dance to students in multiple states, and venues.

    Natasha honed her dance skills through multiple classes and workshops throughout the years. She continues to improve her dancing skills by taking classes from masters in the field of dance. She earned her BA from the University of Maryland in dance with a concentration in Contemporary Dance and Choreography. During her education at the University of Maryland Natasha learned to appreciate the cultural aspects of the dance world. Learning that her early dance training had not truly prepared her for the facets of the professional dance world challenged her to change her teaching style and approach. In a world where many dance studios responsible for the first steps a dancer takes are focused on competitive dance, Natasha wanted to bring an informed approach that exposes her students to the many career paths that the world of dance offers.

    Growing up Natasha learned the value “Lift As You Climb!” This value taught her that she should pursue all that she does with the fervor to do her absolute best, and to strive to be the very best. At a very young age it was ingrained into her character that she should never step on someone to get where she’s trying to go, but in contrast look to help someone on her life journey.

    Her passion for dance and her life philosophy “Lift As You Climb!” drove her to create Nirvana Dance. Her mission is to bring dance to students for the great joys that it provides in an environment where each student is Lifted in some way to make their lives better.

    Joan Curtis


    Joan has over forty years of experience working with children. As a mother of eight, Joan has all the skill necessary to effectively relate with children. Joan has fifteen years of experience working for the New York City Board Of Education. She also has over seven years of experience working as a pre school teacher. Joan knows firsthand how to organize a classroom and organize trips that will enhance the education experience of her students. Joan also has plenty of experience in the dance world. She has staged performances as well as designed scenery for many productions in several states for multiple venues. Her organization skills, creativity, and pleasant manner are a valued asset to Nirvana Dance and we are pleased to have her as part of our management team.