Where Dance Is Fun


Tutus and Tiaras


This is our level  1 class for dancers ages 2-4.  These 45 minute combo classes teach ballet and tap basics to get your little one started off on the right foot!

Twist, Tap, and Twirl


This is a high energy combo class for our 5-6 year old dancers!  Here dancers complete their foundational dance training and fully prepare for the next level.

Take Flight


 In our Take Flight level we focus on dancers 6-8 years of age.  Dancers can train in ballet, tap, hip hop, and jazz.  At this level we emphasize the technical precision needed to excel as dancers continue their dance training in our program.  



Our Accelerate level is designed specifically for dancers ages 8-11.  We encourage students at this level to strengthen and perfect their technical ability.  Classes focus on ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, musical theater, and hip hop.



Our Rise level is specifically designed for dancers 12 to 18.  At this level support our students as they continue to grow in their ability, expression, and artistry.  Technical classes focus on ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, musical theater and hip hop.